Meet the CTO

Colin Prime-Moore

Chief Technology & Marketing Officer

Telephone: 01273 443 442
WhatsApp (Business): 01273 443 442

Twitter: @ictouk

Extensive track record of success, managing a full range of IT services, projects and strategic programs. Colin brings a unique combination of technical expertise, IT best practices as well as management experience, knowledge and drive to provide improved services to a business.

Colin started out his career in healthcare, however found his calling in Information Technology. Starting as an on-site engineer, he grafted his way up through the support lines and into development for a leading hospital entertainment provider. Colin then developed his skills in technical consultancy: firstly in virtualisation, then in end user services; developing many strategies and go-to-market initiatives.

Becoming a CTO for a leading IT solutions provider, Colin dedicated his time to developing IT strategies for multiple clients, and a deep understanding of the synergies between the technology requirements and the operational requirements. Today, Colin prides himself on ensuring that his clients are provided with essential knowledge and the very best solutions for the requirements and budget.

Adding marketing was a logical step as technology and marketing are becoming more closely aligned. Managing company strategy, brand & identity awareness & management, marketing communications (both internally & externally), promoting social, PR & digital presence, inbound marketing strategy & events management. Technical strategy & its associated GTM go hand in hand & therefore the roles of Chief Technology Officer & Chief Marketing Officer are unified to provide a consistent message.