Providing business excellence without the associated costs.

Accelerating your business in multiple ways.
Still not GDPR Ready?

iCTO can assist with your GDPR data protection, categorisation & labelling needs.

Management Consultancy

Create value, maximise growth & improve business performance.

Keeping the Lights On

Optimisation of your IT systems to greatly enhance productivity.

Business Formation

Lost in the complexities of forming a new business?


Providing IT Services to all Businesses

Whether you're a Startup, SMB or Enterprise, iCTO can help.

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Startups often face challenges as you create and define the go-to-market strategy. Something that cannot be ignored is the vital role technology plays in the success of any start up. We provide all the required knowledge and expertise of an industry leading CTO at your finger tips, with coaching on the adoption of the latest technologies within your business.

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As businesses grow and evolve, so does the reliance, complexity and inter-dependencies. It often requires a dedicated team member to focus on the direction and strategy for IT, but the cost of such resource cannot often be budgeted. iCTO can assist by defining your IT direction whilst aligning it against your business requirements.

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Even though your business is established and may already have dedicated IT team, those resources are often focused around your particular industry. In order to maximise and optimise your technology, speak with iCTO whom have a wide breadth of knowledge across multiple sectors, enabling you to take your IT systems to the next level.

Days Saved

A digital workspace is more productive, modern, efficient and reliable.

If we were to reduce the 5 minute login of a user by just 10% (30 Seconds) – over a 1-year period, it would have saved 13 hours’ worth of a user’s time waiting. Expand that to 1000 users, equates to over 541 days (1.4 years) would have been saved. That simple 10% reduction has now provided 1.4 years’ more productivity.

However, if we were to reduce each login from 5 minutes to 30 seconds, this would yield over 13 years’ worth of time saved EVERY YEAR across 1000 users.” (Actually we got an 8 Second Logon !). This is our speciality, small changes yielding huge benefits!


Our Latest Video

Our first flight with the DJI Mavic Mini.  The weather finally allowed us to fly this great little drone. We check out some of its flying features including: Quick shots, Circle, Spiral, Rocket and Dronie. The new 249g drone from DJI provides a great beginners drone with a simple to use interface and flying controls.

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Enablement Services

We provide a wide range of design & consultancy I.T. services.

We work closely with end clients, architects and design agencies in the seamless integration of these. Our services are tailored to suit each client’s requirements, covering needs analysis, design, specification and commissioning services, or a mix and match of those specific elements which the particular project requires.

iCTO provides completely flexible resources to meet your business requirements and needs. Flexible options available based on the level of required engagement / budget. Leverage iCTO to increase your IT maturity utilising technology, processes and automation to deliver a modern and optimised solution to your employees. Pass on these benefits to your customers with rapid “time to live”.